Inward Consignment

Inward consignment represents when Inventory is sent to Eshopbox FC

Consignment is a batch of goods created for the movement of inventory.


With each inward Consignment, you will be able to view its:

  • Contact from which you’ll be sending the inventory.

  • The Eshobpox FC to which you’ll send the inventory.

  • Inventory details like ordered, received, accepted, rejected (with reasons), shortage and unexpected quantity.

  • Important dates like:

    • Created on: Date on which the consignment is created.

    • Scheduled for: Date for which the delivery appointment is taken for the consignment.

    • Delivered on: Actual date on which the consignment is delivered

    • Estimated Completion by: Date by which Eshopbox will complete the receiving of the items.

    • Completed on: Actual date on which receiving of the items is completed.

The Inward consignment Object

Enum: status

The schedule object

The itemSummary object

The document object

The trackingDetails object

The uploadDetails object

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